Starting with Manual Mode

Why should I use manual Mode?

This is the $1000,000 dollar question, why should I use Manual Mode when all the other modes do exactly what I want and without the hassle of learning what everything does.

We get asked this a lot and our answer is always the same, it gives you control of the images you take.

While using the camera modes seems easier, you may not always get the image you were expecting.

Lets see what we mean. There are only three thing you can change, that is how much light, speed and depth of field.

How bright or dark the image is.
How sharp the image is.
Depth of field:
How much of the image is in focus.

Here is the issue, changing one will effect the others and there is no way around this, the only exception is the ISO setting and we will get to this later.

Auto Mode

We will only use this mode as an example as there are many different modes available depending on the camera you have. In this mode you point the camera at the subject and click the button. The camera will sort out the exposure (how bright the image is) and then adjust the shutter speed and the depth of field (F-stop) and if it cannot get a correct exposure with these then the camera will change the ISO. All of this happens as the button goes click. There you have it an image which your only input was pointing the camera at a subject and pressing the button.