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Social media and Commissions

Social media is now becoming vastly more important for growing and advertising your business. Having high quality images to represent your brand and are produced exclusively for your usage can entice a greater response from your audience and can be the key to success. Social Media images cover all of our offerings whether this is, Products, Portraits, Events or Headshots.

Portrait Photography

Tony Lewis is a professional, experienced headshot photographer based in Hertfordshire, specialising in all types of headshots.

We can supply high-res digital images and prints for social media, personal websites, publications and most other media types. Headshots can be done in our studio, outdoors or on location and can be supplied in colour and black & white.

Aerial Photography

We understand that no two jobs are the same when it comes to aerial photography, each carry their own challenges and requirement and we will always be there to help and advise. We can shoot high resolution stills or video up to 4k, of your location or venue to a height of 400ft.

A full site survey is always carried out to ensure the utmost safety for you and your clients.

We are are fully insured and have permission from the CAA to carry out commercial work.


Corporate and Social Events are a great opportunity for acquiring marketing material for your business, by adding professional images to your portfolio. If the event is for your client, then being able to offer a memory of the occasion will keep you on their radar.

We can capture the great atmosphere and, by using our eye for detail, can create exceptional imagery.

Event organisers can increase their marketing image library with people and group shots, we can also photograph sporting and outdoor showing events.

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  • OutSpan Buggy
  • Nettleden Road, Hemel Hempstead In Infra-Red
  • Potten End Village Church In Infra-Red
  • Looking under the bridge
  • Lone Trees
  • Yellow Ladybird
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