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Product Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

We understand that no two jobs are the same when it comes to aerial photography, each carry their own challenges and requirement and we will always be there to help and advise. We can shoot high resolution stills or video up to 4k, of your location or venue to a height of 400ft.

A full site survey is always carried out to ensure the utmost safety for you and your clients.

For help and advice please call on 01442 866967 or drop us an email using the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

We are are fully insured and have permission from the CAA to carry out commercial work.

Social media and Commissions

Social media and Commissions

Social media is now becoming vastly more important for growing and advertising your business. Having high quality images to represent your brand and are produced exclusively for your usage can entice a greater response from your audience and can be the key to success. Social Media images cover all of our offerings whether this is, Products, Portraits, Events or Headshots,

We will always work with you to obtain your goals, and to provide input if you are unsure what would be best for you or your brand. Tony can work with your Social Media team to create the exact images that matches your brand.

Digital marketing today rests almost entirely on the imagery and as people look through their feeds, having imagery that stands out from the rest will set you or your company above the rest.

If you have questions or would like to book any of our packages, please contact us or send a message.

Beginners Photography Classes

Picked up a new camera in the new year and not quite sure how to make the most out of it? Come down and join our beginners photography course running on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays every month.

We’ll be covering the basics of photography, including how to use lighting to your advantage and running through how to set up your camera so you can get the best photos every time.

Once you have signed up you can keep coming throughout the year and if you miss a week or two you can just pick up again or repeat the whole thing over again.

We try and stay away from most of the modes and options associated with your camera and concentrate on learning how to take better photographs, whether these are indoors, outdoors, family members, photos for your social network, people, animals, flowers or just to be able to take better images when you are out and about.

We will show you how.

The course will cover using your camera in various modes, so feel free to bring your manual if you are not sure how to access these. We will show you how to compose images, lighting, when and when not to use your flash, how to find an image in everything. The course is all about having fun indoors and out (weather permitting).

Message me if you would like to addend.

There are no prerequisites for this course but you will need a digital SLR or a digital camera that has a manual mode.

The cost is £72.00 Inc. VAT for the 6 sessions Starting from January 2020 and then it is up to you when you attend. Payment can be made at the door, card or cash.

Group Photography Classes

Do not want to do a course on your own or with a group of strangers, then why not get a group of like minded friends or relatives to join in the fun of learning how to take better photos.

The Group Classes can be just the Beginners Class or a more advanced class. We have a fully working studio at your disposal.

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This could be the best way to learn your new skills.

Group Glasses can last from 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the group and your requirements.

One to One Photography Classes

We can provide One to One tuition, on all our courses and each one can be one tailored to your specific requirements, whether you are a beginner or a more advanced photographer wanting to progress your skill set we will be able to help.

The courses are usually held in the morning or afternoon and last approximately 3 hours, with breaks for refreshments.

We will not bombard you with lots of theory or technical jargon just straight forward practical exercises and demonstrations to help further your understanding of photography.

If you have questions or would like to book a photo shoot, please contact us or send a message using the box below.

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Fathers Day around the corner

Fathers day is around the corner and your still looking for that perfect present. Why not treat him to a Family portrait. Even in these difficult times we can offer an outdoor portrait session in the grounds of our studio weather permitting and even keep the social distancing rules. You can book now and then have the portrait done at a later date if you prefer.
The session usually lasts between 30mins to an hour

Just think of the memories that can be created and displayed, to be enjoyed for years to come. A special memory for your father and the whole family.

If having a portrait is not enough, why not do a family portrait photography course. Get the whole family involved in learning how the camera works and taking a family and individual portraits and then take home a print as a memento of the day.
The course usually lasts around 2hours and you get a colour print to take home on the day.

Drop us a message to book or find out more.

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